Our Services

• Gratings for Decks, Stairways, Cable Trenches, Manholes, Drainages, Platforms, Scaffolds.

• We supply and install Geosynthetic Geotextiles Filter Fabrics, Gabion Cages and Reno Mattress for shore protection, road construction, soil stabilization, aprons, walkways.

• Tanks, Vessels and Pipes Thermal Insulation, design and installation

• Cathodic and Lightning Protection Systems design and installation

• Caliper/Intelligent Pigging of pipelines

• Hot-Tapping Installations, fittings and services supply

• Lubricating Oils, Hydraulic Oil and Greases for land, air and marine equipment

• We supply CNG/LPG Fuel Generator Sets and Build Embedded Power Plants

• Supply of Products Packaging Materials and Prints for Foods, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

We can supply and install anywhere in Nigeria

Our services are world class and our products have ISO 9002 Quality